I want to work for a bad company!

Why on earth would anyone want to work at a bad company?

It boils down to education.  Not the kind you pay for, but the one you get on the streeet.  You know, OJT (On the Job Training).  We all get it no matter where we work.  But what about different kinds of companies?

Which one offers the best education?

You know what I mean…the best REAL world education?

It is possible that at a well run, smooth company, you can learn a lot about how things should run.  You get along well with others and generally, the atmosphere is pleasant.  Hopefully, you can experience good, solid management one on one.  When the time to leave arrives, you are usually quite upset.

A poorly managed company is basically the opposite.  Poorly run companies offer poor management, internal political struggles for power, mis-management of funds, harassing phone calls from vendors and creditors, and payroll issues.

So, which is better?  Well, that depends (I used to hate it when business school professors would answer that way!) It could be that what you learn to do well at a good company is not as transferable as what you learn NOT to do at a poorly run company!  The “should do” list is potentially specific to the current company.  However, the “do-not do” list is much easier to carry around from place to place.  The good stuff helps, but the bad stuff sticks in your head!

That is my two-cents



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